Here are some kind words about our current show GUN GREASE:

“Funny, fast, fresh and fierce.  The ensemble’s chemistry together is incredibly appealing, and the commitment and enthusiasm they invest into every moment…is the kind of disciplined fun that every sketch group should aspire to achieve.”  — Livia Scott (

 “A zany and very enjoyable comedic anthology.  It’ll make you laugh continuously for its entire 50 minutes of playful tricks with words, sight gags, time, space, and Yahtzee dice.” — Hy Bender (

“A filthy, guilty pleasure.”  — Melanie Blythe (

“I literally fell out of my chair I was laughing so hard.”  — Biz Ellis ( 

 And from past shows…

“Their particular brand of sketch comedy cuts straight to the laughs. It’s like comedy for comedy’s sake. What they do very well is break down a joke into its parts and gradually push it to funnier and funnier places.” — Richard Hinojosa (

“With a flair for nimble wordplay, dirty songs and visual gags, they’re one of the most physically confident sketch groups you’re likely to see. And their new show “Fearsome…and such” makes the best use yet of that intuitive bravado.” — Carol Hartsell (

“An evening of comedy that manages to bow to the lowest common denominator in a most intelligent way.” — Shannon Paige (

“By the end of a Fearsome show, the air is crackling with excitment and the walls are echoing with laughter” — Off Off

“Smoking hot!” — The Apiary (

“Goofy-yet-sensual.” — Rob Baker,


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