Dear Devos, Huntaram, Klaw and Paibok the Power-Skrull

February 13, 2007 - One Response


This is a message that’s going out to “The Fearsome Foursome.”

I recently heard (on wikipedia) that you are a supervillain group made up of Devos the Devastator, Huntara, Klaw, and Paibok the Power-Skrull.

You guys sound so cool.

Our names are a little weak compared to yours, but who knows…maybe Chris and Alex are crazy rare names in the Marvel Comics universe.

I wanted to say great job for defeating “The Fantastic Four,” those guys sound weak and I’m sorry that the Avengers gave you some trouble. What’s their deal? I’m glad that you remembered that you were supervillains and pulled it out.

In case you haven’t looked up “Fearsome Comedy” on wikipedia (where I found you) we are a sketch comedy group out of New York City. Our weakness is improv and our super weapon is fake puke. If you come to our show, GUNGREASE, that’s coming up at the P.I.T, Fridays at 8pm, you’ll see what I mean. We’re also good at doing scenes backwards. We call that “rewinding.”

Fearsome Foursome…you guys are awes. Keep up the killer supervillian work.

Please come to see our show.



FEARSOME is gearing up . . .

January 23, 2007 - Leave a Response


By gearing up, we mean writing all night, stretching and lifting, saving our pennies, wearing our sunscreen, lubing our genitals and, of course, opening our hearts to prepare for our all new extravaganza this March and April at the PIT, titled “GUN GREASE.”

In other news: Jaime’s baby is due March 7th and Katherine’s period is due any day now (fingers crossed).

Chris is back at work as a lead inspector – he’s the only one who does it telepathically – very impressive in the Bronx.

Shayna broke her new guitar.

Alex has been nominated for an academy award.

Also, FEARSOME recently had a sketch video produced by Comedy net which we’ll have links to shortly. We also will be premiering our new video “In Betweeners” Saturday night January 27th at a benefit for The Burg at Galapagos (see the shows page for more details).

Extra Extra, Read All About It. Newsies are Queer!!

November 11, 2006 - Leave a Response

FEARSOME is proud to present its new site, filled with powerful information and infoful Powermation.

Coming soon this site:

Democrat Widget: This translates common Republican phrases into Democrat-speak. (i.e. Type in “Let’s raise taxes” and it will change it to: “Let’s not raise taxes.”)

Turd of the Day: A pictorial collage of “you know what.”

Bird-O-Meter: This database is updated every 30 minutes by Fearsome’s Chris O’Connor. It tells the reader how many birds flew by Chris’s window since the last post.

Wish List: This is a comprehensive list of what Katherine wants for X-mas. It includes links to UPS and FEDEX websites.

Stay tuned for more dazzling technology.
FEARSOME…sort of about comedy, but mostly about technology.