Fearsome is Katherine Bryant, Shayna Ferm, Alex Goldberg, Jaime Hayes, and Chris O’Connor.  FEARSOME is an explosion of five TV-raised minds and four Bachelor’s Degrees. Together since 2002, this celebrated sketch group is renowned for their fast-paced, continuous stream of comedy consciousness. Leaving the traditional “sketch, blackout, sketch” formula, FEARSOME seamlessly melts scene into scene, taking their audience on an uproarious, action-packed journey into the ridiculous. Fluid and fierce, FEARSOME shows are unlike anything else on the sketch scene.

A History:

FEARSOME’s original, full-length sketch shows include THE SHIT THAT WE WANTED (2003), WHAT’S YOUR EXCUSE? (2004), A VERY FEARSOME HOLIDAY RAMPAGE (2004), FEARSOME: LOOK AT THAT (2005), FEARSOME…AND SUCH (2005-2006) and GUN GREASE (2007). FEARSOME has performed at venerable New York performance spaces such as Caroline’s, The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, The People’s Improv Theatre (The PIT), The Belt Theatre, Galapagos, and West Bank Café, and at many respected variety shows including Hot Tub, The Shark Show, The 42nd Underground, and Ash Wednesday at The Magnet Theatre.

Awards and Acclaim:

Winner of The Vital Funny Sketch Competition 2004

Official Participant of Chicago Sketchfest 2005

Nominated for “Best Sketch Group” in the 2005 Emerging Comics of New York (ECNY) Awards

Official Participant of Sketchfest NYC 2005, 2006, 2007

Official Participant of “The Best of the Best” Sketchfest, Portland, OR 2005

Official Participant of the DC Comedy Festival 2006, 2007

Official Participant of the L.A. Fest of Sketch 2006


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