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June 5, 2007

This Friday night – June 8th – at 9pm – FEARSOME takes the stage for our third year at SKETCHFEST NYC!!!


We are super excited about this show and this festival. If you’ve never checked out SketchfestNYC you should!! because you will see all the funniest, most creative and inspiring sketch writers from across the country together for one weekend of comedy debauchery and it’s WORTH IT!! For listings of all the shows and how to get tickets, PLEASE VISIT SKETCHFESTNYC.COM!!

That said – we would love it if you could make it to the FEARSOME show this Friday night. We will be combining the greatest hits from our most recent run at The PIT with some old classics and we can promise that your cheeks will be greased with laughter once again.

FEARSOME at SketchfestNYC
Friday night, June 8th at 9pm
The East 13th St. Theater, right o ff Union Square!! (136 East 13th Street – Btwn. 3rd &a mp; 4th Aves.)
$10 for our show, or you can buy Festival Passes!

Also check out some of our latest videos at