Dear Devos, Huntaram, Klaw and Paibok the Power-Skrull


This is a message that’s going out to “The Fearsome Foursome.”

I recently heard (on wikipedia) that you are a supervillain group made up of Devos the Devastator, Huntara, Klaw, and Paibok the Power-Skrull.

You guys sound so cool.

Our names are a little weak compared to yours, but who knows…maybe Chris and Alex are crazy rare names in the Marvel Comics universe.

I wanted to say great job for defeating “The Fantastic Four,” those guys sound weak and I’m sorry that the Avengers gave you some trouble. What’s their deal? I’m glad that you remembered that you were supervillains and pulled it out.

In case you haven’t looked up “Fearsome Comedy” on wikipedia (where I found you) we are a sketch comedy group out of New York City. Our weakness is improv and our super weapon is fake puke. If you come to our show, GUNGREASE, that’s coming up at the P.I.T, Fridays at 8pm, you’ll see what I mean. We’re also good at doing scenes backwards. We call that “rewinding.”

Fearsome Foursome…you guys are awes. Keep up the killer supervillian work.

Please come to see our show.



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