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FEARSOME is gearing up . . .
January 23, 2007


By gearing up, we mean writing all night, stretching and lifting, saving our pennies, wearing our sunscreen, lubing our genitals and, of course, opening our hearts to prepare for our all new extravaganza this March and April at the PIT, titled “GUN GREASE.”

In other news: Jaime’s baby is due March 7th and Katherine’s period is due any day now (fingers crossed).

Chris is back at work as a lead inspector – he’s the only one who does it telepathically – very impressive in the Bronx.

Shayna broke her new guitar.

Alex has been nominated for an academy award.

Also, FEARSOME recently had a sketch video produced by Comedy net which we’ll have links to shortly. We also will be premiering our new video “In Betweeners” Saturday night January 27th at a benefit for The Burg at Galapagos (see the shows page for more details).