Extra Extra, Read All About It. Newsies are Queer!!

FEARSOME is proud to present its new site, filled with powerful information and infoful Powermation.

Coming soon this site:

Democrat Widget: This translates common Republican phrases into Democrat-speak. (i.e. Type in “Let’s raise taxes” and it will change it to: “Let’s not raise taxes.”)

Turd of the Day: A pictorial collage of “you know what.”

Bird-O-Meter: This database is updated every 30 minutes by Fearsome’s Chris O’Connor. It tells the reader how many birds flew by Chris’s window since the last post.

Wish List: This is a comprehensive list of what Katherine wants for X-mas. It includes links to UPS and FEDEX websites.

Stay tuned for more dazzling technology.
FEARSOME…sort of about comedy, but mostly about technology.


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