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Extra Extra, Read All About It. Newsies are Queer!!
November 11, 2006

FEARSOME is proud to present its new site, filled with powerful information and infoful Powermation.

Coming soon this site:

Democrat Widget: This translates common Republican phrases into Democrat-speak. (i.e. Type in “Let’s raise taxes” and it will change it to: “Let’s not raise taxes.”)

Turd of the Day: A pictorial collage of “you know what.”

Bird-O-Meter: This database is updated every 30 minutes by Fearsome’s Chris O’Connor. It tells the reader how many birds flew by Chris’s window since the last post.

Wish List: This is a comprehensive list of what Katherine wants for X-mas. It includes links to UPS and FEDEX websites.

Stay tuned for more dazzling technology.
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